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2019/12/12(木) School Events

Biwa lake long-distance relay race sport festival

Every Autumn, ECC International College of Foreign Languages takes part in “Biwa lake long-distance relay race sports festival”.
Long-distance relay race is a kind of race, when the participants from each team run the fixed distance marathon race being tied together with a cord.
Foreign students, who volunteered to take part in the race used to practice every Friday for several months along with the Japanese students and ECC teaching staff.
Finally, they faced the day of the tournament! This year is took place on the 24th of November.
That day`s weather was fresh and a bit chilly, as one would expect for Autumn, but that didn`t stop the participants who rode the buses and trains early in the morning to gather in the park adorned with red maple leaves.
Both Japanese and Foreign students did their best to achieve good communication level while being tied with the cord.
They ran to the Finish without showing signs of giving up.
As the result, “ECC Global Runners” team was the 49th out of 63, and the “ECC ONEWORLD RUNNERS” had finished 61st among the 63 participated teams!
For sure, it is difficult to run a marathon alone, but being cheered up by the fellow team members makes you work on the top of your abilities to share the enthusiasm.
That was an annual event, so please test your strength and take part in the 2020 year`s competition!


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