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2017/11/29(水) School Events

Lake Biwa mixed Ekiden festival

Two teams of ECC国際外語専門学校 stidents participated to the “Lake Biwa mixed Ekiden festival”! Starting two months ago, international students with a passion for running (China, Taiwan, Thailand) and Japanese students, have been exercising every Friday at Ogimachi Park.
These young guys and girls who met for the first time in September, through their hard exercises became good friends, developing strong team work skills.
On the day of the race, the weather was very chilly but the red autumn leaves were splendid.
ECC athletes, even if at first a bit confused by the particular style of a Japanese “Tasuki Relay”ra ce where a team of 7 persons (5 males and 2 females) runs for a distance of 33 km, ran giving their best to improve their records ecen by just one second.
As a result, both teams completed the whole race with no problems.
Good job everyone!


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