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2019/08/01(木) School Events

Tenjin Matsuri

Every year on the 25th of July one of the Great Osaka Festivals takes place. The festival is called Tenjin Matsuri. The 24th of July is called "Yomiya", being the Eve of the Festival. On this day the usual events are portable shrine parade and traditional dances, fireworks, and lots of other events.

This year, the same as always, foreign students from the Advanced level course helped the locals with to carry the portable shrine, passing through the nearby shopping district.

Both foreign students and the Japanese wore a traditional festival garment called happi and wore tabi on their feet. Shouting in a lively loud voice they carried the portable shrines along the streets using all their physical strength.

That was a really valuable opportunity to share the experience with the local community, so we are very thankful.


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